Tumblr shortcode

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[tumblr_embed url=]

This is a vert simple little shortcode. It’s used to embed your tumblr account into a page on your site. And whilst it’s designed for tumblr it can also be used for other sites too as long as they support being embedded (if you’re not sure if they do, just try it and see what happens).

To get the most out of it, I suggest you add this custom theme to your tumblr:

You should see some option boxes called:

Redirect URL, Redirect From and Main Domain.

  • Redirect URL:

This is the address of the page you are redirecting your tumblr to. eg:

  • Redirect From:

This is the address of your tumblr blog. It is used to search and replace the content of your pages and ensure the redirect works correctly. eg: or

  • Main Domain:

Ideally you should set your tumblr up on a sub domain to ensure the window for it can be resized. This field is for your main domain eg:

Ensure infinite scroll is on too, for all that fancyness.

If you’re comfortable with javascript and CSS, feel free to take my code and apply it to other themes too, as I know not everyone will want to use this one!

Going back to the tumblr shortcode there are a few additional variables you can pas via it:

style="position: fixed; width: 100%; top: 50px; bottom:0;" You can pass CSS style instructions

resizer=true If you want the page to automatically grow to the heigh of the embedded content, please note that this doesn't work with auto loading content, just paged. For auto loading content you can just use the style tag to position it 100% of the height and the scrollbar will will from it's overflow. If using the resizer tag, you'll also need to set your base url, this is the same as the url used in the main domain section earlier.