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Unusual Light support is primarily provided via email.

If you have a skype support package you can also arrange a skype call to help resolve your issues.

Before you can receive support from Unusual Light ensure you've checked out our guides on the [wiki][1] and our [frequently asked questions][2].

If you've done those, here's a quick check list to run through of things we'll need.

If you see an error, please prepare the following:

A full screenshot of the error you see ensure it includes the whole browser window and the url etc. The URL where the error appears, make sure this is text so we can copy and paste it. An explanation of the process of how to reproduce the error. An explanation of what should have happened without the error.

Help with setup and design:

Please note that we can't always help with design tweaks as some will require a lot of work, but we may be able to quote for the work

An explanation of what you're wanting to do. A screenshot or photoshop mockup of what you're wanting to achieve.

Once you have all of these sent an email to us at

Without these notes we can't really help you.