What not to do

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Here's a few tips on things you should avoid doing unless you are fully comfortable with a wordpress based system.

Do not not read the wiki

As you're already reading this, hopefully this will mean you intend on reading our other guides. Always check the wiki before asking for support. it's more than likely we'll send you to one of our guides anyway, so it's much faster if you check first anyway.

Don't do anything your not comfortable with

This simple rule will probably apply to everything which is why it's best to get it out there first.

If you're contemplating changing a setting that your not sure what it does, don't do it. And at least if you do, make sure you note down all the settings that were present before so you can understand how to get things reset. We have no way of automatically undoing adjustments to your site, aka there is no universal reset function.

Do not delete the homepage

Removing the homepage will render your homepage as a list of all your posts like a traditional blog. If you want to control it's content you should be looking towards the theme settings or the use of shortcodes

Do not use pages as sections for your menu

You do not need to create pages for sub sections on your menu. See our menu guide for how to create sub sections. Normally these will either be categories or alternative custom links.

Do no delete the menu

Unless you don't want a menu on your website, it's wise to not delete the menu named "menu main menu" and it's also wise to avoid removing the widgets for the menu.

Do not upload large images

Whatever size image you upload is the size the viewer downloads.

If the image is large in pixels then it could be easy for people to steal your work to print or publish.

If your images have a large file size or little compression then your loading times will also be large.

This is one of the most common complaints we receive, and there's little we can do if a user wants to upload 25mb full res TIFF files... apart from advise them it may not be wise to do so!

Do not put your website live before you are ready

As soon as you add your real domain to the site, this is what people will see. If you want to control who can see the site, head to addons and chose login access or passworded addons to restrict who can see the site before you're ready.

Do not expect your site to do all the work for you

Whether we're talking about making the site or bringing in more sales and commissions for you, it is a common misconception that your site will do this on it's own. Having a website is the same as having a printed portfolio in many ways. The main way is that if you don't show it to people no one will look at it. The difference is that with a website many people can look at once as well as share it for you.

What you need to do is set the ball rolling, telling your clients, people you'd like to work for, family, friends, colleagues and blogs and sites you like. This is a great way to start getting the word out.

Also, make sure you submit the site to search engines to help increase the likelihood of your site being indexed.

Do not expect our support to design your site for free etc.

Our support team is not here to fix your mistakes with your site, build a theme for your for free and definitely not here to be abused!

However we are hereto offer you support and direct you to the right documentation on our wiki guides as well as offer a few hints and tips as well as fix things when they break.