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If you don't want a colour, say for a background area, then you can chose the reset option. This will reset it to the browser default.
If you don't want a colour, say for a background area, then you can chose the reset option. This will reset it to the browser default.
=== Fonts ===
=== Fonts ===

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We have a handful of themes for you to chose from, simply head to the theme selector on your menu to make a choice. These area set as presets in the theme preferences area

Classic mode Left hand menu: Unusual Light Preferences >> Theme Settings

Here you'll find a variety of different options to help you set up the theme to as you want.

Theme Settings

The photographers theme is the most advanced theme and can be customised in a variety of ways. For users who want to get the best out of their site and aren't comfortable with CSS we reccomend chosing this option.

Some of the options mentioned from here will also be included in other themes too.



There are a few different presets you can chose from here, these will give you a good starting point for your own design.



You can control the colours of most things on the site, just click the color box to enable the wheel. If you don't want a colour, say for a background area, then you can chose the reset option. This will reset it to the browser default.



To select the fonts you want to use, simply chose them from the drop down list. To use the google fonts, select them (select multiple using the command key on mac whilst clicking or the control key on windows). You will need to update for these fonts to be selectable in the lists below.

Visit to see examples of the fonts available and to test them out before you chose them.

Font sizes

you can specify numbers here to determine the font sizes you want to use. examples of valid options include 10px, 10%, 10em, 10pt (obviously you can chose numbers other than 10)

Header Options


Logos can be uploaded which will replace the text version of your name.

header position

Header position to a different area of the site, top, bottom, left, right:

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 11.14.20.jpg Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 11.14.36.jpg Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 11.15.26.jpg Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 11.15.42.jpg

Title Text Alignment

Title Text alignment sets the alignment of the header alone, not the menu

Menu Options

Menu Alignment

Sets the alignment of the menu text.

meu fixed

fixes the menu to the top of the screen when scrolling. this is used by default and is especially useful for side scrolling galleries.

drop down menus

this enables drop down menus if you have them enabled.

Menu items inline

this puts the menu items on the same line, as can be seen in the top and bottom positioned headers images example above.

Menu on a new line

If you want your menu to be inline with your header deselect this.

Menu Transparency

You can have a semi transparent menu with this option, it's especially useful for fullscreen images or horizontal galleries. you can control how the transparency works with the options (start, hover and fade).

General Options

Background Image

You can upload a background image for the site. At the moment this is repeated and scrolls with the site (not fixed). If you want to use this, you may want to reset the site color for the wrapper for it to work correctly.

site container

Site containers are especially useful for sites which want to be horizontally central to the users browser. you can set the container width and height (although height isn't always required).

Loading Screen

If you have a lot of high res images on the site, you may want to consider using the loading screen which shows a loading animation whilst waiting for the page content to load.

Homepage Options

Gives you full control over the contents of your homepage!

Homepage Type

Allows you to customise your homepage.

Random Single Image

Shows 1 single image selected at random from the images uploaded to your home page.

auto slideshow

Shows an auto slideshow of images uploaded to your home page.

Fullscreen Single Image

Shows 1 single fullscreen image which is uploaded to your home page.

Homepage Content

Shows content added to your home page. this can be text, html or custom shortcodes etc.

Fullscreen Random Single Image

Shows 1 single fullscreen image selected at random from the images uploaded to your home page.

Loads of posts

Outputs a list of posts similar to how categories work. This will include a featured image and a title of the post etc.

Home Cat

When using the Loads of posts option, you can specify a specific category for it to work with or select ""No Category selected"" which will include all posts. If you wanted you could create a new category called homefeatured (or similar) to give you more control over the content you feature.

Home cat Layout

Allows you to chose which layout option you want to use for the loads of posts option

Advanced Options

Custom CSS

Custom CSS gives you the option of adding new stylesheet rules to your site. This gives you full control over the whole design of your site.

Custom Headers

Allows you to add site headers to your theme, this includes google analytics tracking codes, google web master codes, custom javascript, links to custom CSS files and just about anything you'd need.