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A simple social icon creator. allows you to create squares, circles, rounded rectangles of various colours with different social network logos inset that link to your accounts.

example: [social t=twitter c=colour l= s=30px b=#D4D4D4 h=#ffffff r=15px]

Here's an explanation of some of the variables

t= type: twitter, linkedin, facebook, google-plus, flickr, rss, vimeo, bebo, github, picasa, skype, pinterest you can also add -square to the type to add it in it's own little square box style.

c= class: white, colour, black default is white controls the icon colour l= link: general link to the social account in question etc.

g= target: _blank is default to open in a new window

s= size: size of the box drawn in pixels, e.g.: 30px;

r= roundness: use this to set the corner roundness of the half the value of the size or greater will make it a full circle

b= background colour: in a hex colour or colour name value

h= hover background colour: in a hex colour or colour name value for the colour on hover