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The UL Sandbox is a theme which allows users to enter custom HTML for all aspects of their site.

In a nutshell it's the most advanced way a user can customise their site and is only recommended for users comfortable with HTML, CSS, and jQuery.

If you require additional variables or functionality to be added, please contact us via

How It works

There are many different sections to your sandbox theme. Each section is broken down into headers, footers, and loop content to make it super easy for you.


Main Template

This should be the basic HTML content for your website ensure the [content] shortcode is added, otherwise no content will be added to any page!

Page Content

This is a general page template, for use as contact pages, about pages etc. Ensure [post w=content] is added as a minimum to add the content from the page.



Header for category, could show category name, description etc.

Loop Content

Loop content to show the list of posts in the category, could output excerpts, images or full information depending on what you require.


The footer for your category... could include navigation information or a description etc.


The basic template for your individual posts.

Custom Gallery

To use the custom HTML gallery, you can either specific "custom html" as the gallery per each individual post or by selecting it as the default in your gallery preferences area.


Content for above your gallery, usually just the opening HTML for your gallery, but could also include titles, dates, etc.


Content for below your gallery... usually just closing HTML but possible to output other information you require.

Gallery Loop Content

This is the content for each slide in the gallery


Content for photo's only


Content for text/HTML slides classified as info


Content for text/HTML slides classified as other (eg, HTML, videos, general text etc).

Custom CSS

Controls all the styling aspect of your site... you could have entered this inline throughout your custom code, be we recommend entering it all here to ensure your site runs fast and this is easier to edit later.


These variables are here to make your life easier.. we'll continue adding more as we go on, but here you can set a variable for say a background colour and then when it comes to changing it later, rather than changing it in loads of spaces, you can just do it in one.


We have a comprehensive list of shortcodes you can use with our sandbox theme, simply use any of these to input content in your site.


  • Page Title = [pagetitle] - eg: <title>[pagetitle]</title>
  • Body Class = [body_class] - To be added to HTML body tag eg: <body class="[body_class]">
  • Blog Info = [bloginfo w=??] - Where w = name, url etc. see for more
  • Sidebar = [sidebar id=header] or [sidebar id=footer] - accesses your widgets, menu's etc.
  • Wordpress Header = [wphead] - pulls in required js code for galleries etc.
  • Wordpress Footer = [wpfooter] - pulls in required js code for galleries etc.


This shortcode - [post w=??] - is hooked into the wordpress $post variable where the w= returns from element from the array eg:

  • Title = [post w=title]
  • Content = [post w=content]
  • Excerpt = [post w=excerpt]
  • URL = [post w=url]
  • Featured Image = [post w=featured-image size=project-thumbnails] (size can be medium, original, large, project-thumbnails, small, thumbnail)
  • Date = [post w=date]


This shortcode - [cat w=??] - is into the wordpress get_the_category function where the w= returns from the object eg:

  • Description = [cat w=description]
  • Name = [cat w=name]


  • Image [slide w=image size=original] (size can be medium, original, large, project-thumbnails, small, thumbnail)
  • Caption = [slide w=caption]
  • Text/HTML content = [slide w=content]