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Your site's menu is easy to manage and maintain.

You can add more content, order content, create drop down lists, edit names, links to external sites and much more.

How to find the menu editor

Classic mode Left hand menu: Appearance >> Menus

Adding Content

Click the tick box of the content you want to add to your menu and then click add to menu. Menu-add-content.jpg

If the content type you want can't be found click the screen options tab in the top right and select it. Menu-enable-options.jpg

Ordering Content

You can simply drag and drop you list to create the order that you want.


Creating Custom Links

You can use the custom links to create links to specific areas in your site or even on other sites. Just give it a name and a link and click add.

Creating Drown Down Menus

When creating drop down menu's these are super useful. They allow you to create a parent menu item which can contain drop down children, but when clicked won't go to a specific page on the site, but just show the child items.

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 10.43.07.jpg

You can then drag your chid item to indent under your parent item.


Obviously tho, your theme must support drop down menus and the option should be enabled for it to work.