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Here's our getting started guide which will cover everything you need to get your site up and running.

Sign up

If you've not done so yet, make sure you sign up to the site. A username and password should be emailed out to you within a few seconds (check your spam folders if it's not arrived yet, and if it's not in there get in touch).

Read Some Wiki Guides

Whilst this is a nice little guide to get you going, be sure to read other guides on our wiki:

Log in

Login Page

Log in to your site. each users log in space is different, and is basically your custom domain or sub domain name followed by /wp-admin You can log in with your username or email address and your randomly generated password

Forgotten Passwords

If you forget your password you can get it reset from the login page.

Introducing your dashboard

Normal Menu
Collapsed Menu

The dashboard in two flavours, a normal view and a collapsed view which gives you more space for editing your galleries etc. You can switch between the two by clicking the collapse button. In collapsed view the top bar also dissapears.

It has two distinct areas.

the menu area

This contains links to all the different areas of your dashboard. It links to areas where you can create posts, pages, categories or adjust your theme and other preferences.

the content area

The content area is where different tools will show so you can make adjustments or create your new content.

Change your password

Once you are logged in, it is wise to change your password to a strong password that you can remember (the one we supplied is likely to be quite random and hard to remember). In your dashboard menu click Users, then hover over your user name and click edit. on here you'll be able to replace your password.


Theme Selection Area
Photographers theme customisation

Changing themes

If you wish to change themes, click Appearance >> Themes and select the theme you require.

Sandbox Mode

Allows you to enter custom HTML

Indexhibit Clone

As a lot of our users have migrated from indexhibit, this theme is similar to indexhibit in many ways and can allow users to copy their custom CSS over to have their site look almost exactly the same.

Photographers theme

This is our default theme and comes with many different presets you can customise

Customising photographers theme

Check our guide over here for instructions on how to customise the photographers theme:

Creating Content

New Post/Page

There are 3 main different content types. Posts, Categories and Pages.


These are for blog posts and for your galleries. They can be grouped into specific sub categories, such as portfolio >> commissions, sports >> football or blog >> exhibitions etc. To create a post see our guide over here:


Categories are easy to create, on the dashboard menu select posts and then categories. You can even create them on the fly when creating a post. A category name is what shows up for users to read, a slug is it's part in the url and parent allows you to set the hierarchy of the categories up.


Pages are for static content... stuff that doesn't change so often such as your bio, contact information, homepage etc. check out our guide over here:

Adjusting the Menu

You can adjust your menu in Appearance >> Menus. Do not delete the default menu unless your know what you are doing. You can drag and drop items to change their order, click the tick boxes for them and press add to add them to your menu. You can even create custom links. We have a more extensive guide over here:

Better SEO

When you create posts or pages, be sure to add keywords for the post in the tags. You'll also want to be sure to enable the excerpt box and add a short description to each post You should also check out All In One SEO under your tools section which allows you to set your site description We explain more about SEO over here: