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If you venture over to your dashboard and visit the FolioSite settings menu option, you’ll be presented with a few different options.

Custom 404 Error page: is the one I’m going to discuss today tho.

If you’ve ever wanted to supply a more custom message to inform you’re visitors that a page they’ve landed on doesn’t actually exist. Then this is exactly what you need.

Before you can select the page you want, first of all you have to create it.

Head to the pages section, create a page, give it a name you’ll remember, and add some content. This can be whatever you want. A little message, a random image or slideshow or even a video!

Publish it and then head back to the FolioSite settings page on your dashboard. Select your site from the drop down list and then update. DONE!

You should now have a fancy error page. and if you don’t believe me, you can test it by entering a random series of letters or numbers into the url after your domain name, pressing enter and seeing what happens.