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This is a basic guide explaining how to add content to your page. It’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it.

We have an indepth guide explaining different types of content which we reccomend you read.

Creating Page

Pages are for static content, to create these head to your unusual light control panel and click the pages link on the left hand menu. Here you'll want to click the add new button to the top title.

You can now follow the guide for creating a post. The only options you don't need to follow are the options for categories as posts don't need these, instead they have page parents if required.

Additionally pages have page templates which you can chose to control the layout of the page.

Creating Posts

In your Unusual Light control panel head over to the left hand menu and click on the posts. At the top of this page you’ll see a button to the right on the title which reads ‘add new’ click this!

Creating a Galley

To create a gallery, head to the post format selection and chose gallery:

Post Formats
Gallery Edit Page

Adding Slides

To add a new slide click the add row option in the gallery manager.

Slide Choices
Adding Images
Image Selection

Chose image from the drop down list and then click select. Here you'll be able to upload new images or select ones already in your media library. You can add multiple images here by selecting the images whilst holding the shift key down (you can add more images later by following the add slide procedure). You can set the image caption on the image selection screen.

Slideshow Info

Chose info from the drop down list. this area will accept any type of HTML.

Text/HTML Slides

Chose other from drop down list and enter your HTML in the content area.


You can drag and drop a slide to change it's positioning, to do so hover over the number in the top left area and then drag and drop!

Removing Slides

Click the minus simple in the top right corner of the slide box

Gallery Options

At the bottom of the gallery manager box are various options which allow you to control the look and feel of your gallery:


Allows you to select a different layout for your images. going from a click through slideshow to a horizontal scrolling one and many more you can play with.


Includes a slide which shows the thumbnails of your images (only works with some themes)


Includes captions and image titles (only works with some themes)

Auto Resize

This is a tool which will automatically resize your images to avoid them from growing outside of the browser window size. it's especially useful when wanting to cater for large and small screens.

Random Order

Ignores the ordering you set in your layout options and randomises them


Allows the use of a comments block as a slide (only works with some themes) Now you should head down to the tick options at the bottom of the page, here a drop down theme menu will allow you to choose your style of slide show.

Creating blog posts

Here you can add any content you desire to the main content area. If you want to add images you can click the upload/insert link and follow the promts to add your images. Once you have them added you can click the insert into post link and select your image size.

Setting a Category

On the right of the page you can select the category you wish your post to appear in.


Tags are especially useful for SEO, see our guide on how to work with them


Excerpts are used as a small description of your post and are useful for SEO see our guide on how to work with them


If you wish to post immediately hit publish in the top right corner of the window, here you can also save your post for later or preview your post to make sure it all looks good.

Creating a category

On the menu select posts and then click categories.

Here you can fill out a form to create a new category or subcategory.