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Revision as of 14:34, 27 September 2012 by Jamesdodd (Talk | contribs) offer a fantastic service which allows you to easily have your content shared across social networks, but more than this, it also allows you to monitor the progress of this.

If you want to enable addthis on your site, head to the addons section of your control panel and flip the switch.

You can then control the options for how your sharing tools are displayed in the Preferences >> Addthis area.

It comes with a few fantastic options for sharing your content, including icons, graphics, buttons and what not. And for those who are interested, you can even code your own and chose from a massive list of services.

If you do want to create your own, on the addthis preferences page, chose more options for the top or bottom display (or both, it’s up to you where you display it) and simply select the “custom button” and enter your code in there.

Here’s a nice little example that I use on my personal site, this example basically just does the exact same as the normal code with one difference.

Have a look at the tweet button. the tw:via=”" option includes my twitter username, tho if you want to use this code you’re free to change this to your own twitter username!

This means that when anyone clicks the tweet button, I get a mention, so not only does this button allow people to share my content which I can benefit from, but it also shares my twitter account, which may result in more followers. Which is great if you’re into that sort of thing:

       <a class="addthis_button_facebook_like" fb:like:layout="button_count"></a>
       <a class="addthis_button_tweet" tw:via="jamesdodd"></a>
       <a class="addthis_button_google_plusone" g:plusone:size="medium"></a>
       <a class="addthis_counter addthis_pill_style"></a>