Slideshow examples

From Unusual Light Wiki

Below are some basic examples of the pre made slideshows available on the Unusual Light platform.

They will obviously vary slightly at times, pending on design elements in your theme.

2Column: Single column displaying the images in a vertical scroll, each image is blown up to the right when selecting.

Backgrounded: Slideshow displaying small thumbs of each image which can be clicked.

Contained Slideshow Thumbs Under: Large image dispalyed above smaller thumbnails, there is a click through feature as well as the ability to click each image thumb.
Default: Horizonal scrolling slideshow which can be controlled using click buttons, mouse/trackpad or directional keys.

Events Manager: Simple click through slideshow, which can be controlled via the arrows at the bottom or via clicking on the image.

Full Screen Horizonal: Horizonal scrolling slideshow which removes white space between images.

Full Screen Single: Not a slideshow, allows display of a single full screen image, ideal for home pages.

Full Screen Slideshow: Large full screen slideshow which allows clicking through of images using the onscreen buttons or the directional keys.
Grow: Grid of images, clicking on a single image increases size and reshapes grid around selected image.
Horizontal: Horizonal slideshow without click through buttons, can be controlled with directional keys.
Horizontal New: Improved version of horizontal featuring previous and next buttons, sideways scrolling as well as image area click through options.
New Slideshow: Click through slideshow which features popup buttons on images as well as click through arrows at the bottom of the frame, directional keys also move through images.
Old Slideshow: Image click through only via the selection arrows top left of the main picture.
Over and Over: Simple large sized image vertical scrolling slideshow.
Single: Displays single image, not as large as full screen version, ideal for homepage.
Testimonials: Outputs a grid with the ability to add custom titles and caption text to each image. Ideal for displaying (you guessed it) testimonials!
Thick Box: Similar gird design to the Testimonials slideshow, however clicking each image brings up a larger version popup.